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Massage and Accupuncture

Total/Super Conditioning and Maintenance
Our treatment system is not only to reduce pain but also reduce the risk of becoming injuried.  We focus on top level athlete's physical care to improve their performances with our well experienced trainers.

Appointments/ Inquiries
Tel:080-5431-7223 (direct to staff)
(Tel operating hours: 11 am to 7 pm)

E-mail: care@masasports.com

※Please check trainer's schedule through this address

Location: Jingu-Gaien Tennis Club, Indoor Court Club House 3rd floor.

Treatment Courses/Price
Accupuncture/  Massage/  Shiatsu (finger-pressure)/  PNF treatment/  Conditioning Training/  Rehabilitation/  Taping Training/  etc...
Trainer Treatment
Sports MassageSports Treatment
20 min./ 2,500 yen 
40 min./ 4,500 yen40 min./ 5,000 yen
60 min./ 6,000 yen60 min./ 7,500 yen
90 min./ 9,000 yen90 min./ 9,000 yen

Other length of time is possible.  Please contact staff.