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Free Short Tennis Lesson on March 3 終了しました


MSS Inc. holds a Short Tennis Lesson for free at Shinjuku Sports Center.  Kids are also welcome. We use sponge balls. Please feel free to join, take 90 minute lessons by professional tennis coaches of MSS Inc.


Short Tennis Lesson, at Shinjuku Sports Center 終了しました


From July 6 (Fri), we hold 2nd short tennis lessons for all juniors and adults, in Shinjuku-ku Sports Center.  Tennis is even popular as indoor sports, professional coaches from MSS Inc. will give you special lessons for 90 min.
To refresh your body, or for your health, please come and enjoy the tennis.  We will use soft balls, so it is also very safe for kids.


"Junior Tennis Clinic" directed by Coach Jeff Schneider 終了しました


On July 29th, 2007, an Australian Coach Jeff Schneider who once coached world ranking 8 player Mark Philippoussis, took place a junior tennis clinic at Tachibana Tennis Academy.  As an assistant, Natasha Kersten, a junior champion in Australia also participated in the clinic.


"Adult/ Junior Tennis Camp at Fit Resort Club" 終了しました

Adult Camp (570KB)   Junior Camp (302KB)

Tennis Camp at Fit Resort Club is held every August located in the foot of Mt. Fuji.  The goal of the Junior Camp is to learn the ability to achieve one's goals, establish partnership, and group work activities through tennis.  On the other hand, the plan for the Adult Camp is to have fun and at the same time tough practices to reach goals.  Skill up/ Level-up is the goal.  Divided lesson levels are provided in both camps.  Beginners are welcome!!


"Bob Butterfield Tennis Clinic" (November 3rd and 4th, 2007) 終了しました


"Bob Butterfield Tennis clinic" was held at Tachibana Tennis Academy.  Bob trained John McEnroe and Patric Rafter, both former World Champions.
Several participants, from kids to adults were in Bob's clinic.


"2008 Masa Junior Tennis Camp at Tennis Port Hazaki" 終了しました


Date: April 2nd, 2008 to April 5th, 2008 (4 days, 3 overnights, and 9 meals)
Location: Tennis Port Hazaki
Address: 1-8762-13 Tsuchiaihonmachi, Kamisu-city Ibaraki
Closing Date: March 3rd, 2008 or met with the capacity of 24

A new junior tennis camp was held at Tennis Port Hazaki 2008 in Ibaraki prefecture.  Let's practice for level up!  Let's make new friends!
Anybody from age 6( elementary school) to 18 ( high school), and of course beginners are welcome to participate this camp.
Divided lesson levels are provided.
For junior players; let's win tournaments!


"Junior Camp at Pro-One Tennis Academy Australia" 終了しました

Tennis and home-stay in Australia Gold Coast at the same time!
Tennis camp is held at Pro-One Tennis Academy, where usually focuses on training students to professional players with actual results.
Professional coaches who used to play in the world four title matches will kindly teach you with unique lessons.  Let's have fun with new friends and coaches by communicating in English!


Junior Tennis Camp at Fit Resort Club 終了しました


There is going to be a new junior camp at Fit Resort Club, near Mt. Fuji.  At this camp, juniors will experience not only the joy of tennis, but also cooperative mind and achievement through group works and activities.
Lessons will be held according to each students' levels, so anyone can participate; from beginners to advanced.