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Meiji-Jingu-Gaien Tennis Club (MJG Tennis Club)
(School Coach on Consignment)
Meiji-Jingu-Gaien Tennis Club (MJG Tennis Club)
MJG Tennis Club was established as a membership club in April, 1957.  By expanding the facility, it now owns 21 courts and 8 indoor courts.  MJG Tennis Club is popular among many players and is surrounded by nature despite the location in downtown.  MJG Tennis club also has n honored history and tradition.
Lessons are conducted in four indoor bright and high ceilinged courts.

Tachibana Tennis Academy
(Manage School on Consignment/ Training Professional and Junior Players)

Tachibana Tennis Academy
Tachibana Gakuen was founded by Tomomi Tsuchimitsu on top of the Tsurumi hill close to Yokohama in 1942.  This school has an environment that is focused on education with a naturalistic setting, while maintaining a "creation" theme.  By expanding upon Tachibana Gakuen's educational policy, MSS will plan, run, and manage the Tachibana Tennis Academy with the vision to civilize and build character in youngsters.


Tennis School Management
In accordance to MSS's school management, top of the line Japanese instructors teach sports drucation, and train top level professional tennis players.
Coach Delegation
We will deliver a highly experienced instructor for any needs involving tennis clubs, private, events, or schools.
Contact Number: 03-5772-7705
E-Mail: info@masasports.com
Accomplishments on School Manage Consignment
MJG Tennis Club, Suntory Tennis Garden, Itoyama Tennis Academy, NTT Tennis Shool, Tachibana Tennis Academy, etc.